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non-album tracks_
1_ sunny afternoon_just looking cd1
2_ carrot cake and wine_a thousand trees cd1
3_ summertime_a thousand trees cd2
4_ home to me_a thousand trees cd2
5_ raymonds shop_more life in a tramps vest cd1
6_ poppy day_more life in a tramps vest cd1
7_ buy myself a small plane_local boy in the photograph [first release]
8_ who'll stop the rain_local boy in the photograph cd1
9_ the last resort_local boy in the photograph cd2
10_ chris chambers_traffic cd1
11_ tie me up tie me down_traffic cd1
12_ fiddlers green_bartender and the thief cd1
13_ mama told me not to come_duet with tom jones - thanx a lot scott for savin my ass cos my total guitar's gone AWOL!!

and i got these off different people so there's kinda a mixture of chords and tab mixed up, sorry... and thank you very much to the ppl who did them - practically nobody gave an email address so i'll just thank you here!! special thanks to richard hyde being as half the tabs are his - cheers mate!!