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updated: 23/04/01

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updates: even more pics of the boys [about 100], bass tabs [so you can pretend to be richard!!], drum tabs [ditto but stuart], various other interviews [8/9], and the site looks prettier!! ok, so it may not matter to you, but i see this thing a LOT and that orange was REALLY pissing me off!!

oh, and im tryin to update my mail links to septemberseventeen@hotmail.com, but i might of missed some!! thats the add you want neway.

    if i am breaking any copyright laws then please tell me, i will alter anything that shouldn't be here. if i've used your work an not credited it - same address again. just to remind you all: i am making no money from this web site, i just got a bit bored =) if you wanna contact me, use the same address, feedback's always a good thing - any pics donated are greatly appreciated [hint, hint] =)

    i've done most of the colour change i said i would now, but things like the guitar chords haven't been changed from that fucking orange yet [i know it's the p&c colours, but it looked shite!! and i am NOT makin it that foul JEEP green colourm - ewwww..] - when i have a spare few hours and i feel like doing something that brain numbingly boring i'll get round to it, 'til then you're gonna have to put up with it!!! then again, choice between that and coursework - theres not one really!!!

kat =)

p.s. if stuff on here doesn't make a great deal of sense i apologise, but my comp sometimes fucks up during the publishing process!! y'know - that doubled with the fact that i run this is not a good combination!! hehehe......

    if u wanna nick anything then ask me!! because -  1. i can link back to your site and get you to link back to mine, 2. not all of this stuff is mine, so it's not fair on the people i got it off if you nick their stuff [hint - if i've credited anybody else, im not goin to be able to give you permission to use it!!! ask THEM!!!], and 3. you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to go on someone's site and find out they've taken credit for all your hard work!!